Polly Dolly Doodles

I lost my beets. I went looking for them this morning to make a beautiful beet salad for lunch and I remembered that when I took them out of the oven on Sunday, I left them on the counter wrapped in tin foil and promptly forgot about them. And now they’ve run off. They probably saw what happened to the pumpkin…

This morning is unusually fall-like. Even thought the forecast for today is 81 (tee-hee!), clouds have made a cloche of us. It’s cool and breezy and when I look past the buildings, billboards, telephone poles, I can almost feel the ocean … this weather reminds me of LA. Pigeons hopping on broken feet, doves cooing on power lines, palm trees using their fronds as infinite umbrellas. I like watching their bark shed – layer upon papered layer. They are so smooth underneath.

Pat’s older sister is flying in today. Visitor #2! I got my mom’s early Christmas present last night: a “Yellow Pepper” Kitchenaid stand up mixer! This is my first. I am officially an adult?? I made Polly Dolly Doodles (Not my name…) last night – chocolate peanut butter balls filled with peanut butter. They were a little heavy on the peanut butter, but damn, that mixer did a fine job. Pat and his younger sister said they looked like black shhhweaty testicles. Pssh, whatever, if only testicles tasted like polly dolly doodles.

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