Pat and I had our first session last night and while I thought it was going to be for real our first session, it turned out to be a fitness assessment to see how fat we are and to collect our insecurities and poke us. It really wasn’t that invasive at all. He measured everything though, which I thought was funny for me – I certainly don’t want a He-Man neck, no thanks, or Hulk arms. But I kicked Pat’s ass in the plank. He timed us to see how long we could hold it. Pat went first and held his body on his heels and forearms and he made it 1 minute, 30 seconds or so. The trainer said the record so far was 3 minutes by a 73 year old woman! Nice! I beat it. I totally beat it. 4 minutes, 5 seconds. Bam. I always knew I had a strong core.

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