We got away this weekend, thank god, a late birthday present for Pat and went to a Phillies game against the Red Sox on Friday. We arrived late, but saw 2 homeruns and ate like college students and drank $8 beer. Heaven. And then we went out to South street at midnight and watched all the drunk people getting drunker. A Neon sign lit up across the street for piercings if you wanted to get stabbed. We stayed with Pat’s friend from high school who know lives right downtown on 15th street. We met her tall, fiery Jewish boyfriend. This was my 3rd or so visit to Philly, but the first time I felt like I got to know her. She’s growing on me more and more. Saturday we slept in until 10:30 and got brunch at Hawthorne’s near the Avenue of the Arts. Pat had a “crabby dick” (tee-hee which I made him order): a crab cake between two brioche buns, topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise. And I got fried chicken and waffles – also topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise. We drank beers at noon with our brunch. I got a light Anderson Valley Summer Solstice, our friend got a lemonade mixed with a pale ale. Oh this place was wonderful and the sun was out and everything felt right in the world.
Then we walked to an Italian open air market 3 blocks away on 9th street and got sunburnt. I wanted to buy everything – Cigars, clothes, jewelry, cannolis, mangoes cut to look like flowers, pina coladas in pineapples. Music was playing. Old women were dancing. What an amazing day.
And then we met up with more good friends who live in Wilkes-Barre with us, but were visiting family down there. AND THEN we went to the Victory brewing company and ate ourselves sick on cheese platters and sweet potato fries and giant pretzels.

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