Peeling garlic is satisfying in every way

Pat is becoming quite the baker – last weekend he made a blackberry cake that required a special pan that required him GOING TO THE STORE and today he made banana bread without nuts (he says nuts ruin things) I think nuts make a party, but I’m enjoying his new hobbies: brewing beer and baking – all of which are making my stomach jiggle.
We have a brown ale bubbling in the dining room – normally it takes the yeast only a couple of days to finish eating all the good stuff, but for some reason these yeastys are especially hungry.
Next door, two oven mitts hang on the line like mismatched hands – quilted and worn. I should take a picture of them dangling in the sunlight.
There is so much being born this time of year – I watch our leaves every day, checking their progress – the ferns bend like violin scrolls, tight curled and ready to explode

This post has nothing to do with garlic.

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