Snow falls from the branches. It looks like cotton, but looks and feels are different. Snow has fallen. Wet and heavy. I dropped my coffee on a long white pillow. I dropped my lunch on the asphalt. Thank god for pyrex the unbreakable glass.
All the colors are over-saturated. White grays blacks again. Do you remember the silence?
I don’t mind this time. But I’m stalked by a snow plow. He grunts behind me.
I had something else in mind on the walk over here, but now it’s gone and something else is running instead. Elizabeth Taylor is dead. “Do we have it on the website?!” why yes. “At least she died on shift” It’s all for the news.

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2 Responses to Over-saturated

  1. Lindsey says:

    Journalists can be sick. As terrible as it sounds, my FIRST reaction was “hope it happened this morning and not in the middle of the night on deadline – because it would suck to miss that.”
    And of course, my SECOND reaction was “that’s terrible news.”
    It is indeed a sickness. Hope this is the last of the winter weather! And glad your lunch is alive and well. :o)

    • rachvb says:

      I guess just don’t really care about deadline, I suppose, or getting news in before it. That part, the late night deadline stuff really isn’t too weighted in our side, on the features side, and I like it that way.
      I was never particularly fond of Liz Taylor, but I wasn’t unfond of her. I think it was more the loss of a life, how easily some of the people here joke about it. It’s not the first time in some unfortunate situation, that I’ve heard some snide remark about these people’s lives that we seem not to care about – what just because we don’t know them? If I ever get to that point, I’m quitting.

      Yes, my lunch is safe. And then not safe at all because it’s soon to be eaten!

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