Our sweet face

Last week, we got to see our baby’s sweet face. They spent most of the time on the heart – measuring chambers, listening to chambers, measuring valves, watching valves, it’s amazing what they can see on such a little thing. The baby last week was only 11 inches, how small is the heart of an 11 inch human? But they found nothing wrong with it, how could they find something wrong with a heart created on Valentine’s Day? The baby is doing wonderfully. Growing and kicking, I’m starting to feel round knees or elbows slide across my stomach, hiccups (which I wasn’t able to identify until the ultrasound last week when the tech mentioned the baby’s bounces were in fact hiccups) and now we have a face. After the heart work-up, she spend some time on the “fun stuff.” Right away Pat said the baby had my nose. It was so obvious, he said. I think the baby has Pat’s lips, but I just decided that today after staring at pictures of the both of them. We’ll find out in a few months!
The nose

Sweet face

I’m tired. I’m never here anymore. Between work, the heat, taking a shower in the morning, I’m drained by the time I get in. And then I have to be creative all day, so I feel like my creative resources are a bit limited these days. So be it. This morning, I lay on the bed naked and watched the baby underneath my skin. It’s relaxing, like sitting by the ocean, watching stars, waiting for comets to cross the sky. It’s so much bigger than myself, yet a part of me and in the quiet I realize it’s not really so silent at all, the buzzing around me telling me something is happening.

Me and Tula 22 weeks - She can't wait *cough* to be a big sister

Me and Tula 22 weeks – She can’t wait *cough* to be a big sister

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