Orange Lemon rolls and Cardinals

I was a lump of poo yesterday. Woke up at 10:30 am and showered at 2. Pat made orange/lemon rolls and I helped him kneed the dough when it stuck to his fingers becoming a sticky yeast monster. I like using the heel of my hand. When do we ever get to use that part?
He rolled the dough into two squares with the flour can – baking list: a rolling pin – and I watched him melt butter, mix sugar with lemon and orange zest and sprinkle that on top of the dough. He cut thin strips, rolled them jelly-roll style and plopped them into cupcake tins. It smelled like warm orange sherbert and once they had cooled, he drizzled a mixture of powdered sugar and orange juice as frosting.

It rained all day yesterday. hard and cold rain. the night before we had our first thunderstorm, oh she rolled in fast. It was beautiful. The yard sparrows bouncing, content in the drizzle. This morning, I saw a young cardinal. His crown not fully formed, his small body on the grass picking through seeds. Are they born red like that? small, wet beating hearts that eventually fling themselves from the nest?

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