Off again off again

Have a wonderful holiday, not-holiday, sit on your ass, tip over your tree, drink lots of beer, read lots of poetry, tickle baby feet, howl at the moon (is there a moon?), eat your own cookies sort of weekend. I will try to do the same.

Love and love and love,

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2 Responses to Off again off again

  1. Dear Rachel, Thank you for photos of you in your beautiful dress and for wishes scattered over all our “other” ways of observing this holiday, which is still Christmas to me. I will let you eat the cookies on my behalf…I hope there are plenty. Love to you, Marylinn

    • rachvb says:

      There was and I did.
      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and observed the holiday in your “other” ways. It’s amazing to see how many ways it can be done, especially being with people who aren’t your immediate family.
      On to New Year’s!

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