New Music Tuesday – "It's Time," by Imagine Dragons

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2 Responses to New Music Tuesday – "It's Time," by Imagine Dragons

  1. You have a nose for interesting groups, Rach. . . I love this, esp. the percussive elements – the thigh clapping and boot-to-floor stamping. Complex and they don’t miss a beat. I wish I could keep a rhythm like this – there’s something so energizing and reliable about it. xo

    • rachvb says:

      Weird/interesting/unique music is like crack for me. =) I think I could keep up for a few bars and then I would lose it. Seriously. And then the guy singing WHILE doing all the rhythm?! You’re right – there’s something really reliable about it. Steady Steady. I love people making music with their bodies, what’s readily available.

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