New Brews

Oh there are lots of things brewing lately. Life changing brews. Like really dark and tasty brews. I don’t know when the universe decided to start it’s gears or if the universe works in waves, if we are all on the same sea, just different boats; different expanses of water, but I’ve been working and working, pushing and pushing and finally the wheels are starting to budge and it seems I’m not the only one.

Only now, as the universe tends to do, things are moving very quickly, too quickly to think or rationalize. All I can do is act and worry about the rest later. So that’s what I’ll do. I won’t worry that part of me feels completely under qualified for a new position at work or that is scares me or that somewhere along the way to adulthood, someone drilled it into my head that I couldn’t be forceful and opinionated. Maybe when you hear, “You’re so quiet” all the time, you wear it like a sweater someone else has crafted for you. A comfortable, ratty, ugly-ass sweater and I think these new opportunities will help me unravel it one strand at a time. Scary? Hell yes. But I know I can do it and I know how disappointed I would be in myself if I didn’t and there’s only so much the universe can do before we have to roll up our own sleeves and get dirty.

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