Neil’s Wheeling #7 Jan 30, 2014

(I’m a bit behind…)

Tim today reports:

Safely into Mandalay last night, now Friday morning. Great, smooth, humming along 10+ hour boat ride through the outback from Bagan.

Another big change in environment, hope to find a key board today for a better posting. Gsn. Tw

Smart remarks:

OK, for you who are interested in money, here’s the primer.

In Myanmar, the unit of currency is the kyat. That is pronounced /chät/ which rhymes with “shot.” One shiny US dollar will buy 984.7 of them. So, if the breakfast costs 1,477 kyat, are you being toasted ?

In Laos the unit is the kip. That is pronounced /kĭp/ which rhymes with “flip.” US$1=8,032.1 kip. If the tuk-tuk ride is 56,224.7 kip, should you have walked?

In Thailand, the units are the baht. Pronounced /bät/ which is the same as “bought.” US$1=32.99 baht. If they try to charge you 824.75 baht for a hotel room, sign in or sayonara?

The great imponderable is “What is the plural?”

kyat or kyats? kip or kips? baht or bhats?

How many bhats to bribe a police officer?

How many kips for a small tattoo?

How many kyats for a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book in English?

The easy way to remember the currencies is to drop the decimal points:

985 kyat = 8032 kip = 33 baht.

Next question?


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