Neil’s Wheeling 10 4 Feb 2014

Tim writes:

Safely in after 2 days overland travel w/ the locals.

In pretty good shape and mostly healthy.

gsn. T

Steve writes:

Sometimes we get big news, sometimes we get almost no news, and sometimes we must read between the lines. To be fair, I got five copies of the same message. Maybe he was having issues with the internet connections.

According to my schedule, the trip was supposed to be four people in one taxi for a 9-hour trip to Inle Lake. Four strangers (plus luggage) for nine hours would be a pretty good story. If it took 2 days, that is a better one. Did they all sleep together? Are meals included in the price? Did they drive straight through or detour to Little Stool Lake?

Of course, if Neil tried to get a discount, while speaking sign-language Burmese, there might be an explanation. The Director at Taxi Central might have given Neil exactly what Neil had requested.

And, what does mostly healthy mean? Only a small amount of diarrhea – but not enough to stop the taxi? Blurred vision in only one eye? This whole trip is a blurred vision.

If you google Inle Lake, you can see that the main attraction is men rowing a boat by standing up and pushing on oars with their legs. This ruins the chiropractor business of fixing strained backs. But, it improves business for leg doctors. Row your boat (gently on the lake) however you want. Either way, my business of fixing x-ray machines will be OK.

Pop quiz! (Now you wish you had paid attention.)

What is the unit of currency in Myanmar?

A. Kyat.

B. Kip.

C. Baht.

D. Tourists per hour.

Mostly healthy, some sniveling expected later in the day.


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