Neil’s Not Wheeling Any More #25 March 3, 2014

Tim sent two emails from San Fran:

1. OK, all international legs done. U. A. Flt #6408 is posted as on time. See ya’ll soon.

Later 2. Just as I sent the last, flight delayed about 1 hr. I’ll keep you posted.

Steve writes:

Nothing is easy.

When they cleared customs in San Francisco, Neil called me. Unfortunately, he was using a discount phone that he got on the cheap in Rangoon. I could not hear anything but scratchy noise. So, I hung up.

He called back. This time, I could slightly hear his voice over the noise. He said, “Why did you hang up on me?” I didn’t have a plausible answer.

Next, his ride calls me from the Eugene airport at 2:15. The plane was scheduled to arrive at 2:24. “Where is everyone? There’s no one at the gate.”

I checked on Google. The flight took off and was supposed to land in 3 minutes. How can there be no one there to meet it? I gave her the flight number.

Apparently, Eugene International Airport is so small that they figure it is a waste of time to post arrivals. When the flight today gets in, you’ll see it. Big shiny thing with wings.

It arrived at 2:26, on time. I don’t know what happened to Tim’s 1-hour delay.

Neil called at 3:00, grinning from ear to ear. He is officially HOME.

Before the homecoming nonsense, John Wagner added some stuff about the poetry contest:

John Wagner

Though Mr. Vong’s entry is clearly superior for its expansiveness and the way it encourages the reader to explore the universality of its theme, I couldn’t help being inspired to write another little trifle, to wit:

Neil is a well-known world traveler,

And Tim is a hell of a bloke.

When they challenged Vong’s rates

He called them cheapskates,

And served them warm Diet Coke.

Thanks for the usual great and amusing job of passing along the communiqués from the hinterlands. At least, I assume they were from the hinterlands. That means somewhere behind us, right?

From Steve to John:

Oh, the tyranny of rules! But, for section 26.3, you would have swept the category.

Maybe next time.


John answers: Damn. 26.3 is the one that always trips me up. I just can’t help myself.

Steve adds: I can’t help you either.

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