My amazing race

My schedule for the next two months:

May 31-June 4: Pat’s cousin’s wedding in Iowa (we are driving. To Iowa. Wait … where is Iowa? oh, 14 hours away!)
June 6: Important emotional dinner – mucho drinks required
June 7: Dentist; therapy
June 9-16: My cousin’s wedding in MAUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, I’ll be flying solo the 18+ hours it takes me to fly from PA to HI and traveling for 2 days to get back from HI to PA – my flight back: Leave Hawaii June 15 at 9:45pm; land in San Francisco at 5:45 AM June 16; Somewhere in there I fly to Chicago, then I fly to PA; arrive PA 4:40 PM.
June 17: recuperation
June 19: Therapy
June 18-29: Finish packing a 3 bedroom house; somehow sell the washing machine, the dining room table, the papazon chair; leave Pat enough dishes to survive a month without me; clean the cracks; pack my clothes, but make-sure I have clothes for my river trip (dates coming soon); reserve the u-haul for August; save money (haha!); work; write?; say goodbye to amazing friends; get up to the river property one more time; definitely eat Curly Creme Ice Cream – the best soft serve ice cream on the planet; say goodbye to our favorite bar; eat a pierogie; flip off the remaining NEPA drivers; give the crazies on the square a Popsicle; pack up my desk; eat work cake?; “FUCK YOU GUYS, I’M GOING HOME!” (courtesy of SouthPark’s Cartman); have sex; request a change of address form with the post office, except I don’t know my new address yet; play softball one last time; drink a Miller Light at Kirby Park; Have a goodbye party?
June 29: Last day of work
June 30: MePat Day; Pack my car
July 1: Leave forever; Pick up my mom at the Philly airport; hit the road; cry a lot while listening to Sara Bareilles, Rage Against the Machine, Laura Marling; dance to MGMT.
July 2: My 28th birthday in Maryland or West Virginia or Kentucky depending how far we get.
July 3: W. Virginia or Kentucky or Illinois or Missouri – depending on how far we get.
July 4: Illinois or Missouri to Oklahoma City – HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
July 5-7: recuperate, run errands, make lists, give my car a rest in the garage, load my parents’ truck and trailer with a giant orange raft; lots of trips to Cabella’s or Bass Pro or REI; home-cooked meals; Oklahoma thunderstorms; BBQ; sweet tea; mom
July 7-9: Drive from OKC to Idaho in a packed truck, pulling a bright orange raft with tons of gear; Eat BBQ; hope parents will pay for EVERYTHING SINCE I WON’T BE WORKING AND HAVE NO MONEY.
July 10: Rig the boats, wear sunscreen, hit the Middle Fork of the Salmon River; pray I still fit into my wetsuit (why my parent’s got me an XS is unknown to me…)
July 11-17: radio silence, white water, no accidents, amazing food, river.
July 18: de-rig the boats, grab some breakfast, hit the road back to OKC.
July 21-22: somewhere in there arrive in OKC
July 23-29: move to Phoenix, try and find an apartment
July 30: Start my new job

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