Mua muaa mua

I’m feeling quiet today. I’ve been feeling quiet.
Last night Pat and I were talking in bed and just as I was rearranging myself into a more comfortable position he said – mua muaa mua. It only took a short delay for my brain to realize it was “I love you”. Isn’t that strange – that the way something sounds can mean something? Even if I said I love you without ever opening my lips, he would understand it because of how it’s sounded a thousand times before.

I love you, I said. I didn’t realize you said it until a second ago.

That’s because you weren’t listening with your heart, he joked.

No, I was moving. I always listen with my heart.


Nope. I totally do.

And then we’d drift off for a few minutes, the cat curled into the dip in my back, the white noise lulling us to sleep.

Did you do that write up for your boss yet? He said through the darkness.

No, I didn’t have time. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I really like how that design is like a dream; how it makes you feel like you’re dreaming. It floats you up. It takes you with it.

Good, I said. I meant to do that. I’m glad it came across.

You’re job is so different than mine.

I know, I said.

So, Alisha’s mom is coming to help her move?

Yeah, I guess so. I hate it. I hate that she’s leaving.

I know, he said. Me too.

I turned to my side. The cat jumped from the bed, offended at being tossed from my back. Pat moved into her place behind me and pulled me in:

mua muaa mua

Not missing a beat: I love you, too, I said.

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