Morning mish-mash

Saturated skies and rain. Now, I’m waiting for my coffee to brew – the sweet grumbling sound like a hungry stomach. I should eat something. The lilacs are fragrant and naked in the yard. I’d cut some to bring in the house, but things die so much more quickly that way and I wouldn’t mind if the lilac trees’ purple bodies lasted forever.

We are going camping this weekend. For the first time! The first time was supposed to be a month ago, but nothing about last month was cooperative. And so for Pat’s birthday on the 8th, we are going camping. Cake for breakfast? Except I bought the wrong cake. DAMMIT! I always get it backwards – white cake with chocolate icing or chocolate cake with white icing? I even over thought it, the wrong thing, standing in the cake aisle asking myself if he liked yellow cake or was it white. Both wrong.

This was supposed to be a warm up so I could start writing after this, but there isn’t really much here and really I’d just like to crawl back in bed where it’s warm, where the cat would curl into my knees and pat would be mouth-breathing and i could go back to dream land and dream about: what was I dreaming about? The other day a Queen Mermaid and I was under the sea and everything. And then it got a little sexual, which is always weird to me, the sex part of dreams. If the people in your dreams are really projections of yourself and you have sex with them are you having sex with yourself? Especially the girl on girl dreams, those are good and weird. Although dreaming about a Queen Mermaid under the sea, who is larger than ever one a giant is perfectly acceptable.

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