Mobile is live

I’ve been meaning to do this for years, so thank you Angella for lighting a fire =) My amazing web elf has put together an early version of the site via mobile platform: iPad, droid, iPhone. We still need to test a few things and he’s still fine-tuning a few other things, but LUCKY YOU you can now read on the train or the toilet or while running into people with your cart at the grocery store. Thank you, Web Elf! I’m going to illegally mail you more alcohol through the post office and fill the box with cat toys covered in bells, so they won’t hear the liquid sloshing around. (it actually worked).

In other news: I watched an entire Ninja movie last night on Netflix and stayed up way too late because I couldn’t look away; it’s felt like Friday every day this week; I made cabbage look like planets for work (click here if you are so inclined) and it’s warm and sunny as always. Happy Friday! Dammit! Thursday!

OH! Also, Menacing Hedge is publishing 6 of my poems in their Spring Edition slotted for April 1. And I love them and love being a part of their magazine and they’ve been so unbelievable kind to me over the years. They do amazing stuff and have amazing writers. Eternally grateful.

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8 Responses to Mobile is live

  1. Angella says:


    and congrats on your poems!

  2. Ms. Moon says:

    You are such a talented thing, Ms. Thang.

  3. Web Elf says:

    This is the elf testing the mobile comment post feature.

  4. LtotheJ says:

    Good gracious, I love you – and all the wonderful, talented things that make you the amazing person you are!!! That space cabbage?!?!? BRILLIANT! And YES to the poems too. 🙂

    • rachelvb says:

      SPACE CABBAGE!!! =) Photogs idea. Pretty awesome huh?! I love you too, Lindsey-bestest-Jones. I miss you! xoxo

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