There’s a really great new song from Norah Jones on the NPR website. It’s called “Miriam” and it’s dark and murderous and the music is so calming, it seems heartbreaking at first, but so full of wrath. It’s surprising in every way, especially coming from Norah Jones who has never sang a song like this before – at least that I’ve heard. I’ll let you listen to it – I hope you do – but love makes us do dark and obsessive things does it not? This is why I love art. Deep deep how capable are we of hurting people? We can murder as many people as we want in art. This sounds terribly dark, but it’s not meant to – I just mean that in art we can explore these parts of the human mind. And if Norah Jones has had these thoughts, damn, I think pretty much every one has.
When I listen to it it makes me feel like I’m in a dark room – sharpening my knives.

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