Pat commissioned this painting from my boss for my birthday. It’s hanging now above our television and I keep saying how I’ll never need to watch television again because every time I look at the painting I can’t look away.
When Pat approached my boss, Audrey, he told her he wanted a small portrait of me. Audrey said, “Rachel isn’t going to want a portrait of just herself, you need to be in it.”
“OK,” Pat said, “Maybe you could do two small portraits?”
“No, I can’t separate you, that’s just bad juju!
So right as I was leaving work last night, Audrey was sneaking around trying to get the painting to Pat who was waiting in his car downstairs. All the while I’m taking the lightrail home with sweaty ass smelly people and a bouquet of flowers my mom sent hoping they didn’t fall out of my lap getting bumped around no where to sit where is your pass light rail cops I have no hands … thanks for the ride, Pat!
😉 Only kidding.
Last night when I opened it, it was the first time Pat had seen the painting too. He wanted it to be a surprise for him as well and when I saw it I started crying and still can’t believe how beautiful it is. She got my hair, my tattoo, my birds, my sea, my pat, my boots, some kick ass pants. She got everything. It looks like a dream to me. I look like a mermabird. pat and I are both sleeping and reaching for each other. I love that you aren’t sure if we’re in the sea or sky. I love everything about it. What a wonderful day. And as if everything wasn’t enough, this was our sunset last night. I couldn’t look away, the whole day.

birthday sunset

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