Melvina is back!

I don’t know why but having a beer after playing soccer is one of the most wonderful indulgences ever. It completely defeats the purpose of working out and probably dehydrates me more, but my Newcastle Brown humming with Government Mule’s theme song makes me forget that I’m too old to sprint for an hour. Last week was the beer and bath – tonight my legs are plunked on the coffee table, freshly showered, the fan oscillates behind my neck. Crickets chirp outside out of sync like Christmas lights in sound.

Today at work Pat surprised me with flowers. Popping up behind me with a mix of geraniums, white daisies and small pink buds I’m not sure the name of. And when I got home he started dinner. beautiful filets cooked to perfection, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes.

When he was grilling outside, I noticed a huge spider spinning her web between needle bushes and the house next door. “Holy shit! That’s Melvina!” And by God if she didn’t get huge. The same orange legs and spotted abdomen. Melvina was doing well in the real world. Her web was strong. I didn’t tell her about her sister…

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