Meet Mazda "Mazie" or "Maz" for short

Well, our little fighting orphan made it through the night. She’s being bottle-fed every three hours, so it’s like we have a real baby almost. Pat’s all over that part while I’m at work. Yay Pat!
We took her to the vet last night and they said other than being a little cold, a little dehydrated, her heart sounded good and so did her lungs and it’s pretty amazing she made it this far without being killed by the engine she was found in or killed by the elements. We are calling it a girl, but they aren’t 100% sure yet because she’s still so little – her eyes and ears still closed – so there’s a chance that she might be he, but it doesn’t really matter, she survived for 2 days without food, so we are hoping she’ll make it with us.
She weighed in at a whopping 5 oz and is eating better now, her little pink suckles and blind flailing tongue.
We didn’t’ have a heating blanket last night, so we wrapped her in a sock in a shoebox in blankets and put her in bed with us. I held her in the palm of my hand most of the night to keep her warm. The thought of her not being touched and held breaks my heart – I hope she knows now she’s taken care of and not all alone despite being separated from her siblings and her mama.
In and out of sleep, I kept having dreams about her. In one of them she opened her eyes which makes me hope she’s going to survive. We’ve looked for mama running around the parking lot, but haven’t seen her. I hope all of her babies will be OK.

Out of all the cars in the lot…
“Our cats always come to us,” my mom’s friend said.

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