I’m too tired to write (laziness may have a part in this), so I’ll make a list of the things I don’t want to forget from the past week and then tomorrow I’ll add a place for pictures and go through the hundreds that I took in Maui.

Little girl laughter trickling over airplane seats in the early morning of an unknown timezone

4 hours of night from Maui to SF and I felt like I could beat the sunrise to its horizon

Standing above the cloudline at Haleakala National Park’s 10,000 foot summit. I’ve never been above the clouds on my own two feet, unable to see the land below.

Gasping in my snorkel tube underwater when a sea turtle emerged from the murky blue water. For a moment we were alone in the ocean, floating in the coral.

My peeling back

My dad taking off his favorite shell necklace, the one he wore everyday, and putting it in my hands like a warm coal

Hearing a bamboo forest creak around us in old age. The depth of its smooth, vertical trunks unknown – looking through into a green kind of darkness.

Saving a wet bee caught in the sand

Getting scowled at by an eel hiding in a deep reef

Waking up to chatty birds and plumeria trees screened through the open sliding door.

Fish tacos and a coke

Papaya with a passion fruit center touched with a hint of lemon juice. Heaven

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