"Mad Girls"

“But she did learn a key New York lesson: that if you push as hard as you can, you will, for better or worse, learn things about yourself you would never have otherwise known.”

Great article about a new book on Sylvia Plath from Slate

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  1. A girl from my high school graduating class was a guest editor at Mademoiselle, too. I already envied so much about everything I saw in the magazine since we couldn’t wear any of the fall clothes in Los Angeles. They showed her as part of her college’s rowing team on some eastern river (I don’t think it was the Charles) – as far from my consciousness as the Andromeda galaxy. I’ll be sitting over here with the late bloomers. xo

    • rachvb says:

      Oh those East Coast girls got nothing on you! They’re all buttoned up over there and wear too much black =)
      It’s better to bloom late than never at all or too early and then sit on your thumbs the rest of your life. They might have the river, but you have the ocean. xoxo

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