Look at your hands

They’ve moved me up to the 8th floor today. ALong with a few other designers. I’ve lost my view, but at least I’m by a window. Thank god for that. It’s strange. The walls are higher, the light is completely different. You wouldn’t think light would mess with a design, but I’ve become so used to the glare from downstairs I feel like I’m in a fog up here. Unsure. Part of my brain is wondering if I can design a page even though everything else is the same: computer, desk crap, sections, editors. Nothing has changed but the location. How much does perspective play in opening up creativity? Every new angle, new eye, even time can create new perspectives. Sometimes when I’ve grown accustom to a city, I’ll pretend like I’ve just moved in. I’ll pretend to look at a building as if it’s new or a street sign or a person or a mural. I remember when I was in Rome in college, we went for a winter session for 3 weeks. We passed the Vatican every morning or most mornings anyway and I watched all these Italians rushing by it like it was an old hat. This beautiful, gigantic white complex fortified in the middle of the city and people had better things to do than give it a quick glance. I noticed that so profoundly that whenever we passed it, I tried to see what was different that day: a new pigeon, scaffolding, a change in guards.
There are new things happening every day, people are changing. We get so close sometimes we miss it. Look at your hands – see how different they’ve become.

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