Letter squares

I found two pieces of a discarded, ripped letter on the ground by the post office. I picked it up, unfolded the lined square, the face – exposed to weather – had yellowed and all I could make our were words, parts of words. I wonder who this person was writing to, why they ripped it up, where the rest is?

noticed how
in + out
hearing su
aming linde
all up + down

etc etc etc
on everyone

It’s anynomo (sp)
someone, due
can’t be everywhe
en, didn’t learn so
of loosing who

some still

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6 Responses to Letter squares

  1. I think you found something really important. I hope you keep it somewhere safe. It feels like it needs a good home. A hiding place maybe. I used to have a sewing basket that I adored. The top was pink satin stuffed with something. A place like that would be good for this torn love letter.

    • rachvb says:

      I definitely felt important. People hardly write letters anymore. It must have been important. It looked lonely and discarded on the ground so I picked it up and because I’m nosey and like to read letters that aren’t to me (HIDE YOUR LETTERS!)
      I should find a safe place – save whatever piece this person didn’t want.

  2. Lindsey says:

    I love that you’re walking to work. And picking up stuff along the way. Feeds the writing soul in you.
    This reminds me of those stupid love notes some guy in HS wrote to me that I rediscovered a few months ago, threw away … only to find them floating down the neighborhood streets on trash day. lol. You live and you learn. HIDE ’em!!

    • rachvb says:

      I ain’t walkin’ sister. I just needed stamps. It’s too cold still.
      I loved that story when you told me. Just blowing in the wind!
      No, I think throwing those away was a good plan. maybe I’ll find one of your old ones that caught the wind and find it floating down my street. =)

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