Let's start yesterday over

Coffee in my paint-chipped to-go mug
Lol Stein quote.
Here we go:
“If I believed in you the way others believed in God I could ask myself: why you? Does it have any meaning? Yet the beach was empty, as empty as if God had not yet finished making it.” – Marguerite Duras

Do you sometimes look at your life like those children’s books with multiple-choice endings? Choose this path and end up in a Chilean jungle fighting giant flies. Choose this path and your a mermaid riding sea dragons. Of course the books are always unrealistic adventures, murder mysteries. Never do they say choose this path and become a junkie. Choose this path and you’re up to your eye balls in loans. Choose this path and you’re cheating on your husband with 4 kids who drink 8 gallons of milk in a week.
But still you wonder how things could be different. Where would I be now if I never went to school in Montana? If I never made that choice for myself? If I never moved to Texas or Pennsylvania? The question itself is pointless as is the musing because I am where I am where I am.
Have you seen Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow? That movie was about different paths and followed the same woman down each particular road. In the end – well let’s just say she ends up exactly where she’s supposed to be.

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