Just what I needed

This is an amazing interview with Billy Collins from 2006.

“there‚Äôs this pet phrase about writing that is bandied around particularly in workshops about ‘finding your own voice as a poet’, which I suppose means that you come out from under the direct influence of other poets and have perhaps found a way to combine those influences so that it appears to be your own voice. But I think you could also put it a different way. You, quote, find your voice, unquote, when you are able to invent this one character who resembles you, obviously, and probably is more like you than anyone else on earth, but is not the equivalent to you.”

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  1. This notion makes perfect sense to me…like creating your ideal avatar in the video game world. Hmmm. Something to ponder. xo

    • rachvb says:

      It struck me as well. I think it’s something I’ve been struggling with – the notion of “finding my voice” and this sort of calmed me into step by step just creating it; adding more and more muscle as times goes on, better walking shoes. Read the whole interview if you have time. It was really interesting his take on the poetry world and a poet’s role in that world.

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