Just another day on Public Square

I was on my way back from the library when I walked upon this gem right across the way. I had been reading chapters of Anne Sexton’s biography because I want to buy it, but can’t buy anything right now – until payday anyway, tomorrow. But I’ve been looking for guidance on how to get through these awkward years as a poet, not feeling like a poet, finding and holding strong to my voice. Yesterday, I looked in the mirror and thought. You just need to trust yourself. Even if you don’t know where it’s going. You just need to know you’ll get there. And I’ll become whatever it is I’m going to become, but it’s work, hard work to get there. All I do know is this place isn’t where I end.


Yes, he’s wearing overall shorts. Yes, she’s picking her crotch (which just happened by the way – lucky photographing). Yes, they are together. Ah, summer love

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