Journey of a bag-girl

For the Taste section at work, we are all supposed to think of some creative recipe for “Red, White and Blue” 4th of July barbecues and potato dishes and coleslaw and illegal fireworks the neighbor children set off at 11 p.m. and scare all the skunks to spray in our yard. I’m not really sure what to make with it, but I made a blueberry barbecue sauce and it turned out purple. America is a shade darker this year.
Today, Pat and I went to home depot for more bird seed, the sparrows are having massive orgies on the garage roof, in the tree limbs. Shaking their bodies feverishly.
At the grocery store, a woman in front of us wanted and didn’t want pre-marinated Lloyd’s ribs about 5 times. This was not a hard decision. But the sale price was wrong and the bagger girl had to run and check them, but they’d give her a deal OK she wanted them, but oh I thought they were $9 not $16, so I don’t want them anymore bagger girl now put them back I can’t read sale signs and it was confusing.
If my groceries weren’t dumped on the belt the small items, the lemons, the limes, the corn, the jalapenos, the avocados, the bananas, the “yes, that’s cilantro,” the “no, those are scallions,” I would have gone to isle 13 like they told me to instead of wait for this woman who didn’t apologize to anyone or say thank you to anyone for running around for ribs covered in a brown poo sauce wrapped in cellophane.

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