It takes 10 minutes to drive to work

On my way in to work I tried to save a little gray kitten that had run into the middle on an intersection and then up into some woman’s spare tire – while she was in the right turn lane. So I immediately pulled over and put on my flashers and three other people and I were trying to find this poor baby gray fluff – it was so small! and we couldn’t find it – we got on our knees on the dirty ground and looked into all the crevices we could see and so assumed it had either run off when we couldn’t see it or that once she stopped the car it would come out on its own when it felt safe. As if I wasn’t traumatized enough, a drunk was crossing the street, not looking and almost walked in front of my car, so I honked at him and as he walked to the other side of the sidewalk he started cursing at me FUCK YOU YOU ALMOST RAN ME OVER FUCK YOU WHERE ARE YOU NOW (cause I was stopped at the light) FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. And my window was down and I said FUCK YOU I’M GOING TO MY JOB WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING?!! and then I said really really loud at the top of my lungs FUCK THIS PLACE and the light turned green and I drove away completely shaking. Then as I was pulling into the parking lot at work, in the alley by Coughlin High School, some 20 year old leaned over on the brick and pulls his dick out and starts pissing in broad daylight. And now I’m here.

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