Interview with Kim Hyesoon

“I gradually realized that speaking as an outsider is the most authentic voice for a poet.” Kim Hyesoon

A South Korean poet who is rewriting the role for female poets in her native country. Read the whole interview here

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2 Responses to Interview with Kim Hyesoon

  1. On a very small scale, Kim’s awareness of her culture reminds me of a man I knew in 1968 who believed that women were “irrelevant to the Struggle.” Imagine having to swim against so strong a current to tell the greater truth. xo

    • rachvb says:

      Wow – like they struggle any more or less than women do – I can’t say for sure, but being a woman, I think we struggle in very different, intense ways that changes with each era. Lately it seems we are asked to do everything because we can – I think women are exhausted, but maybe that’s just my state of mind at the moment.
      Whether you like Kim’s poetry or not, you have to give her praise for swimming against the current and finding her own. xo

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