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CurbiseCuisine So I just got an email this morning from NewsPageDesigner – an international website that used to be run by SND (basically the Oscar committee of design) and this site is basically a place where designers from all over the world can post their work and talk about it and whatever, but think about how many people and pages and whatnot gets posted daily – it’s a sort of Facebook entity – and I’m totally bragging here because I’m allowed to do that on my blog, but they selected one of my designs for their slideshow! When I started out, this was the holy grail – this and winning an SND award which still alludes me, but I’m hopeful it will come someday. And not just when I started out, but even now, this is still the holy grail – getting recognized from the billions of papers and designs that upload daily. This is the third time in my career they have picked one of my designs, the first with my new job, so I’m just coming here, boasting a little, patting myself on the back, eating cake to say that as much as I bitch about my job sometimes, as much as I say it takes away from other things I’d rather be doing, there are many days where it’s damn rewarding to be doing something creative that’s noticed. I made this. Amen.

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