I am a hero

Today is a beautiful morning. 80s the rest of the week and sunshine. The weather man last night laughed and said there was zero change of rain hitting the valley and Pat and I might hit the pool and work on our winter glow tomorrow. I’m usually ghostly pale at this point in the season, but in the shower this morning, I was pretty impressed with my tan lines. Granted I wear a hat and lather gallons of sunscreen on me everyday, so the fact that I have tan lines at all shows how impressive the sun is here.
Today is especially wonderful because I saved us from the heated hell that was our apartment last night. We don’t control the temperature which is amazing in the summer because we don’t have to pay for AC, but as we’ve found out, when they turn the boiler on it spews 100 degree temperatures. The meat thermometer sitting on the counter reached 82 degrees. IN OUR KITCHEN. So we stripped down like it was the hight of summer, sweating and cursing HOW WOULD WE EVER SURVIVE THIS THIS IS HORRIBLE THEY ARE WASTING SO MUCH ENERGY WHO LIVES LIKE THIS – Pat even slept on the couch last night so he could have the screen door open, all the while I’m dreading having to call the office because I hate talking on the phone, especially about my problems, so I did the logical thing and tried to solve the problem myself dammit – banging on the vents with a screw driver, their levers coated with beige paint and unmoved, flecks falling into my eyeballs and hair, my face melting off with the torrent of satin’s breath in my face. I gave up. Nothing worked. I’d have to call. And they’d tell me there was nothing they could do, they couldn’t control it, blah blah, and I’d accept their answer and curse the lords and tell pat to suck it up, maybe we’d go on a sweat diet.
Before I did the awful and picked up my phone, I checked the vent where, in the summer, we could control the level of the fan – low medium hurricane – and there is was … ANGELIC MOMENT HEAVENLY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … the off button – having completely alluded us when the AC was on and we clung together in fleece jackets and pants while it was 110 degrees outside. The off button. Click. Fan stops. Satan coughs, dies. I am a hero.

2nd reason today is a good day: it took me 3.5 songs instead of 5.5 songs to get to work today because I decided to take a different route. Sometimes the fastest way is a street you never took before.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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