I-40 west

Last night we wanted to stay in Bucksnort, TN (for obvious reasons) but all it had was an adult superstore and a travel lodge rooms for $30. We passed.
I had a wonderful birthday full of wild black berries, North Carolina’s blue ridge parkway, 76 degrees, 12 bones BBQ in Asheville, a hostess cupcake (road bdy cake) and a large fluffy pillow. We hit another wild storm west of Knoxville – hail, blinding rain and wind and leaves ripped from their limbs, scattered like playing cards. We have 10 hours until home. I-40 west through Memphis, little Rock then home. Day 2 of 28 – if you see any socks on the side of the road – that’s my baggage. Flung off.

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4 Responses to I-40 west

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    I’ve eaten at 12 Bones. Awesome!
    Loving these travelogues.

    • rachvb says:

      Thank God for Yelp! We never would have known! It was so nice in NC we sat outside. Those grits were something to come back for. Oh man! Xo

  2. Good flinging with the baggage. Too bad it took the socks with it. xo

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