Home and tired

The tree outside has red lollipops on the branches. The daffodils popped open like yellow parasoles while I was gone. More sprouts, more flowers, so many more than I even planted. There’s promise in the pool of water at the base of my tulips. Tomorrow in the 80s and then back down to the 60s, but god dammit I think we’ve made it to spring.
I bought a bunch of plants today. I will probably accidentally kill them. Pansies, strawberries, a cherry tomato plant, a lilac bush, ranunculus. I sprinkled seeds, pushed dirt into my cuticles, felt the separation of skin. I’m doing my best to shake off this winter pelt. I’m doing my best to feel at ease in what’s underneath.
I will write about DC tomorrow perhaps. And post pics. For now, I’m going to settle into the rest of my Sunday.

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