Have I been watching too much Fringe?

“Am I in an alternate reality?”
That’s what I thought this morning when I woke up topless to the leaf blower rudely droning outside the window. #1 I was topless. #2 The yard guys usually come on Thursdays when I get to sleep in, but can’t because the leaf blower is rudely droning outside the window. If you’ve seen Fringe at all, you know there is a parallel universe just like our own, but slightly different. The Statue of Liberty is bronze, the Twin Towers are still up, ball point pens are a thing of the past, Tom Cruise is a Television star … and so on. Oh and we all have an alter-identity on the other side. Same DNA, eyes: us, but slightly different. Well, I stayed up until 1 AM last night … er this morning because this entire second season, Olivia has been stuck “on the other side” and she was just about to come home at 12:10 AM and you better fucking believe after agonizing over 8 episodes, worrying about her being stuck over there (and BTW, her alter-identity was on our side stealing her life and her just-confessed-their-love-boyfriend Peter AND trying to destroy our world all at the same time) I was staying up to watch the next god damn episode. Monday, here we go…

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2 Responses to Have I been watching too much Fringe?

  1. wow. maybe i should watch fringe!

    but is our alter identity us, though. can you steal your own boyfriend?? hmmm.

    • rachvb says:

      You should!! I’m totally addicted. Think of it as two snow globes side by side. Everything exists in both, but are slightly different. In the show, there are two of everyone – one in one world and one in the other and they actually ARE different people, but the same DNA make-up (so a clone, I guess??) WATCH IT WATCH IT! =)

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