Have I been watching too much Fringe?

“Am I in an alternate reality?”
That’s what I thought this morning when I woke up topless to the leaf blower rudely droning outside the window. #1 I was topless. #2 The yard guys usually come on Thursdays when I get to sleep in, but can’t because the leaf blower is rudely droning outside the window. If you’ve seen Fringe at all, you know there is a parallel universe just like our own, but slightly different. The Statue of Liberty is bronze, the Twin Towers are still up, ball point pens are a thing of the past, Tom Cruise is a Television star … and so on. Oh and we all have an alter-identity on the other side. Same DNA, eyes: us, but slightly different. Well, I stayed up until 1 AM last night … er this morning because this entire second season, Olivia has been stuck “on the other side” and she was just about to come home at 12:10 AM and you better fucking believe after agonizing over 8 episodes, worrying about her being stuck over there (and BTW, her alter-identity was on our side stealing her life and her just-confessed-their-love-boyfriend Peter AND trying to destroy our world all at the same time) I was staying up to watch the next god damn episode. Monday, here we go…

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