Happy birthday to meeeeee!

Birthday girl

birthday cube

This is how I SHOULD look by the end of the day and this is how my cubicle looked when I got into work. Best. Boss. Ever.

Pat brought me coffee in bed this morning and I listened to music and took my sweet ass time getting ready. Then I took the train in and while waiting on the platform a really old Mexican guy was checking me out in his truck … liiiiiiingering until another truck blocked his view at the stop light. He then reversed enough so he could still stare at me. Thanks for the boost, buddy, but now you’re bordering on old man creeper and just as I was going to flip him off or perform the “what the hell is your problem” body language act, my train came and I was spared the minus karma points for flipping someone off on my birthday. Or maybe because it’s my birthday I can do such things and not lose points??

Anyway, I’m 29. I hear I’m going to be 29 for the rest of my life because no one wants to turn 30, but I’m actually pretty excited to turn 30 and have to live through this year which I hope is a good one. It sure is starting off well. As if the Flash Fiction people couldn’t have better timing (last time I heard from them I was on top of a mountain and winning 4th place), now today on all days JMWW has published my story! Check it out here even though you’ve probably already read it.

Cheers! It’s 113 today; 86 in Hawaii; 82 in Oklahoma City; 77 and rainy in PA; 81 in NYC; 93 in Napa, whoa 93 in Idaho … spooky same temp; 84 in Long Beach; 99 in Missoula; 86 in Seattle; 84 in Flagstaff and I think that about covers it.

I also want to send out some love to Pat’s best friend, Whit, who died 10 years ago today. We can celebrate and remember and be sad all at once because humans have the gift to feel everything and even though I didn’t know Whit very well, he’s in my heart today. And I wish he were still here, I wish I wasn’t connected to him in this way. I wish we were connected with Barbecues and beers and loving Pat. We keep going as best we can, every birthday. I hope you are safe, Whit.

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