Happy 89 years, Grandma

I’m not sure how old my Grandma is here, but I think she looks beautiful and it’s one of my favorite pictures of her. She’s still in Montana in this photo. Still Bernice Newkirk. Will become Bernice Van Steenbergen to give me the “Van” in my name. She’ll fight for the polar bears any day. For small things, things without voices of their own, for stray cats, for humming birds, for NPR – although NPR has a voice, they need more ears. She’s a musician whose knuckles grew bulbous – which is good for digging in the ground she loves, but bad for strumming guitars. She used to sing to the sick, now she cuts them flowers from her garden instead. She’s independent, on her own in her Long Beach home (family near by when she needs it). Happy Birthday, Grandma and to many more.

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