Happy 3 months, Jack

Jack 2 months

Jack 2 months

Jack 3 months

Jack 3 months

Night feels like limbo, some strange net where the hours hang. Pat and I are floating birds, the way they hang in a drift. There is no other person on the planet I would wake up for as much as our little man.
He’s 3 months old today and it’s hard to put a baby to sleep when he’s staring into your eyes, clearly tired, but giggles through his pacifier, which makes you giggle which makes us both giggle. Fuck sleep. I’ll take that any hour. And he gives smiles so freely, even at 1 am, then 4 am.
I guess I forgot to post his 2 month picture. My mom says he already has a little boy face. Here is his 2 months description: Case study of a laugh. Happy 2 months, Jack! He loves to eat, laughs every time dad changes him (sucker); smiles constantly; hates the car, but who would want to be strapped down anyway; loves the sound of water; could take or leave bathing; and just slept for 5.5 hrs last night. Jack for the win.

And his 3 month description: Anatomy of grabby hands: 3 months old! It takes mom 35 min of rocking me to go to sleep. I then sleep for 35 min. I think that’s fair. I love giggling, kicking and desperately want to crawl. The car seat is getting better cause I can look out the window while I shove my hands in my mouth. I get lots of toe jam. Nico is my bff in daycare, but I know in my heart the teacher loves me more.

I thought I was tired before, but working from home and having Jack is a whole other level. He just went down for a nap and after giggling, we both stared at each other until he fell asleep. I’m grateful work is letting me do this from home a couple days. I’d miss things like that. You can’t get that stuff back. I mean, I brushed my teeth this morning, so that’s pretty good. The sun has been napping on and off today. Things are as they should be.

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4 Responses to Happy 3 months, Jack

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    Oh golly. He’s just as beautiful as sunshine. And obviously brilliant. And obviously well and truly loved.

    • rachelvb says:

      Thank you, Mary. It’s scary how much we love him. Almost desperately. It’s hard to have other people take care of him, but he’s just so happy wherever he is, so it makes it easier for me. We all have big plans ahead =) xoxo

  2. Angella says:

    What a truly beautiful and happy boy! I just know he’s over the moon about where he’d landed, with you and Pat as his parents. He chose well, that’s for sure! Brilliant boy.

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