Happy 28 to me!

Today is my birthday. 28. I wish I could post pics through my phone to the blog because I’d show you the massive storm that rolled through southern Virginia. Our original plan was to spend the night in Roanoke but because of the other massive storm on Friday ALL the hotels were totally full of displaced Virginians who had lost power. We thought we could camp, but ALL of the campgrounds were closed because they had no power. Why would a campground need power, I asked? No answer. It was 9 by the time we reached Roanoke to realize we might be sleeping in my car that night, but I shot a 5 hr energy and we decided to try our luck south. And then south again when the next town had no vacancies either.
Looking around, it was hard to see any damage. Sure a few trees were upturned like empty bottles, but the summer heat had sucked the ground of any puddles and many towns had electricity back.
2 hrs from Roanoke we ended up in a Super 8, checked for bed bugs which I’m paranoid about these days and called it a long day. At 12:30, I laid my head down and saw huge flashes of light through the thick curtains. The ac sputtered on and off. An ocean of wind and rain rattled the windows, our room was on a hill, soon hail chucked at the glass like rocks. Checking the radar, we were in red. And would be for a while. They don’t kid around here with their storms. All I can say is I’m glad we decided not to camp. Can you imagine how miserable we would have been?! So cheers to waking up to 28, dry and unscathed. Tonight, mom said we could stay in a fancier hotel for my birthday. But a roof is all I need – even if it’s a mesh tent. That and dry socks.

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