Half Journalist: half superhero

Every once and a while we get tours through our building: wild-eyed kids clinging to their backpacks; parents smiling over them; everyone glancing up at the popcorn ceiling, the band of wall clocks for various time-zones covered, the hut-like cubicles, the newspapers from Great Falls, Reno, Palm Springs, Phoenix strewn about in mail slots and I wonder “Why the hell would anyone want a tour of this place?!” When people come to visit Phoenix, is that like a star on the map? To see the newspaper, the TV station, our cafe and gym all wrapped into one 10 story building? Maybe I’m just jaded. Maybe it’s because I HAVE to be here every day and the allure is mostly gone. I feel almost like Tilda Swinton at the Met in that giant glass box snooooozing. *Snort. Art* We haven’t quite gone the way of the dinosaur … we’re still here churning out the news and stories about pool renovations and food trucks. People still read right?
No, I guess it’s pretty cool what I do … on some level. And when I enter a grocery store or the gym and see a section I’ve designed relaxing on a table, a little torn, bent and crumpled a part of me feels like Clark Kent, half journalist: half superhero. You’re welcome, world. Enjoy those Quinoa recipes.

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4 Responses to Half Journalist: half superhero

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    I would be proud.

    • rachvb says:

      =) thanks. It’s pretty cool to see the sections around town … even if they are blowing down the sidewalk

  2. its very cool what we do if we step back and let ourselves see it new. i love how you expressed this.

    • rachvb says:

      Sometimes I forget (a little) I have a pretty cool job. Not many people can say they get to create every day. My job is all very behind the scenes because we don’t get a byline, but we’re a huge part of it all coming together and I suspect your work is very much the same. It means we are super heroes. Definitely the Clark Kents. =)

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