Good and frothy

It’s too early for people to be screaming over each other about the Steelers and how terrible Roethlisberger is how terrible a human being Roethlisberger is.
There’s Chinese characters on the vacation board. I feel wet and feverish.
On Friday, our friends had a baby from a surrogate – their baby! And if you knew how long they had to wait, fight, pray for her, you probably would have cried like I did. She came about two weeks early – 5lbs 14oz, nameless for two days until they decided Natalie. We were supposed to hang out with them Saturday night and OOPS they have a baby now. It’s strange that in one day their lives have completely changed. I think Pat and I were a little shell shocked, so much so that we sat on the couch all weekend and changed nothing. At least we are making damn good lattes.

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