Go vote! But only if you're voting for Obama

Damn, I’m all wired. I voted. I got my sticker. I left the polling place with a woman behind me cheering for Obama and I raised my hand up and pointed to the words leaving her mouth like a jet lifting into the sky. “YEAH, SHE KNOWS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” she yelled again. This is it. I voted for Obama. He won right? I don’t make many bad decisions, so he definitely won. I wore my Emily Dickinson Hope necklace with a raven sitting on top of a tree – on the back is says “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.” I’m sending all my hope and good thoughts to my president and not even thinking about that OTHER person today.
Before I left for work/voting I put a bunch of stuff together in a crock pot for tortilla soup. My friend and her beautiful baby nub Lily are coming for dinner. We are receiving our first guests as Arizona residents and I’m pulling for another reason to celebrate. It’s also a co-workers birthday. There are so many things happening today – in this world of everything instant – some of the best things are worth waiting for.
Kick his ass, Seabass!

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4 Responses to Go vote! But only if you're voting for Obama

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    I know- all those people on FB who keep posting that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, just GO VOTE! I want to comment and say, “Well, if you’re thinking of voting for Romney, please stay home.”
    I mean seriously.

    I’m glad good things are coming your way. I am.

    • rachvb says:

      I KNOW!!!! Everyone is posting that and I hate it. Seriously – I only want you to go out and vote if you’re voting for Obama. Otherwise, be a fat lazy turd american and stay home. I’ll thank you later. GOBAMA!
      I’m starting to get nervous…

  2. I’m nervous about them stealing the election. I can’t get quiet about it. I think we have no idea.

    I voted! For Obama of course.

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