Gatekeeper – written version posted for Claire

My shipped heart is ruddering
try turning around
even though everything is screwed
Let wind carry our sheared,
dead hair
Open the doors, you say,
and sails
In one Godful moment
williwaws could blend us
into bonds
we never held on our own.

I hate white flags
stern and bowed
at my parapet.
Letting you in what stronghold
must break?

Holes echo
Your voice misting through cracks
says I miss hearing yours back
I don’t answer
My hands stigmataed in water –
fortified chips in glass

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2 Responses to Gatekeeper – written version posted for Claire

  1. Oh, Rachel.
    Oh. I feel tearful. And full.
    The ship imagery, the mist and williwaws.
    The stretch and tug. The keeping faith.
    You and your writing really are something, Rachel.
    Thank you xo

    • rachvb says:

      Thank you, Claire. Sometimes I feel so off track, but maybe the poems need that – the tugging faith. I hope there is comfort in your sea. xoxo

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