I’m starting to arrange my poems from this handy dandy essay about grouping poems I found on P&W by Katrina Vandenberg. This is what happens when you teach yourself (or try to teach yourself) new things. I’m the maladjusted homeschooled kid who watched power rangers and Sesame street way longer than was socially acceptable.
But the essay makes sense to me which is important – it still very early for me to see at all where I’m going, but I’ll start making paths. So far I’m grouping poems based on related images, themes, etc. and revisiting patterns I knew where there, but didn’t pay much attention to. There’s a lot of water, hunting, flight. Trains, love, displacement. Veins, mouths and seasons. Some of these poems are 6 years old. Damn. Some are only months. It’s strange to see what’s been on my mind these past years all grouped together in a malformed little body.

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