Features Designer OF THE YEAR!

Last shameless self promotion, I promise.
Here’s the official notice. The entire newsletter is about 13 pages of all the great work the studio has done this year, but for space sake, I’m posting the opener.
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day!
I can breathe, so that’s a positive.
The weather is perfect, 75 and sunny today. I’m still not sick of it.

Every year, Rebecca Loudon becomes the most wonderful oracle and writes a poem or (as in the case of this year) opens a book to a random page and picks your fortune with the tip of her finger. Yesterday, this was the line fated for me:
And shyly, unfinished: Try love the World needs
From MaddAddam, by Margaret Atwood

What caught me was “And shyly, unfinished” because well that’s me and I’d like to think despite my shyness, I am unfinished. It’s a perfect line to take with me in this new year. To all of us, unfinished.

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