This morning, Pat drove me to work. When the mechanic recommends you NOT drive your car, you should listen. I saw a homeless man kick discarded tin foil on the ground. Looking for trashed food, I think. It was empty. He moved on down main street. Past the fried chicken place, the taco bell skeleton, the liquor store. The animal world that gives finance for people who can’t afford caged beagles.
Last week on the news a homeless woman died, I heard the newscaster say the homeless community was mourning her death. And then I heard a guy at work laugh and say the homeless have a community?
I’ve felt orphaned, but never homeless. I’ve never been homeless. And I’m lucky. But I don’t have much to give today. Nothing is opening up. I don’t feel like giving. I’m tired and didn’t write this morning and now anxious because I didn’t write this morning, but this is something even if it’s nothing. I’m slouching in my chair. Bad. And I see the old woman who walks by the building sometimes – hunched like a bell. ding ding ding sit up straight.

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