Take off my shoes and wade into a rust blood red pool. Not water like water, but a body. Water as a body. A body of tissue under my toes, into my toes. The bottom of a body. The pulse of a heart of water. It ripples like water ripples. Like ribbons. Like breath around nipples. I’ve been so happy the last few days that even the darkness is happy. Clicking its nails together, bubbling up, rubbing its hands like sticks. No fire yet, cold blood extinguishes the sparks. Some part of me wants blood. To smell it like hot metal in the hairs of my nose. To strike colorful needles into my skin, to tattoo my skin with birds, to make skin fly like birds.
Red eye in photos won’t ever rub out.
Reflections we finally see in ourselves printed for everyone to see. I love you like you love me in the nest of me. I love you hunchbacked inside of me. Raw foodism. I’m not scared when you open your eyes. Red and gold – the royalty of a wedding.

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4 Responses to Embrace

  1. A vivid and memorable image, tattooing the skin with birds…I think of Frieda Kahlo and doves but there is more color here. This may visit my dreams. xo

    • rachvb says:

      ahh, thank you. I wish your dreams well. This morning I awoke too quickly to remember mine. I hope yours were colorful and memorable.

  2. Lately I don’t remember much, just that for several nights sand was an element. What am I to do with that? But the image did remind me of Ray Bradbury and make me want to reread THE ILLUSTRATED MAN. xo

    • rachvb says:

      Sand, eh? The symbol is as elusive as its presence in your dreams. I always wonder if those dream symbol guides actually work. Symbols seem so personal. It seems to me that sand for you and sand for me would be different. Especially so internalized like that. Maybe Ray Bradbury has your answer? =)
      I should reread that as well. I always loved that book. A man covered in other people’s stories.

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