I move east and feel two earthquakes in a year! First it was a wave like rolling up and down with the sea and then the blinds started shaking, the windows shaking, the TVs hanging from the ceiling shaking. We could hear the building and feel the building rolling around us. “Rachel, You’re from California, what do we do, get under the desks?!”
I’m getting the HELL out of here, I said!

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8 Responses to EARTHQUAKE!

  1. Oh, Rach. You’re getting them over there, too. . . turn to the steady place inside you, send your energy up and down. Think strong verticals. Tell the earth you love her, you love her. She doesn’t much like upheaval either? Take care, my friend, L, C xo

    • rachvb says:

      My insides are still rolling around. The equilibrium is a bit off still. This one was worse than the one I felt here before a year ago – a little more violent, it just kept coming and growing. And we only got the shock wave from Virginia. In Washington DC, the Pentagon workers first thought it was a terrorist attack. Such is the world we live in now. I will kiss the ground when I’m able. Being in a building doesn’t feel normal right now.

  2. Oh, Rachel, Rachel, I’m so sorry–how terrifying it must be, the rolling and shaking and dread of what might happen in five minutes, ten mintues, two hours. I don’t know how the amazing people of Chch are managing after all they’ve been through. I’l be thinking of you. Find the biggest support beam in your house and stay planted. Love, Melissa

    • rachvb says:

      Melissa, did you feel it? There was one at work a year ago and all it was was the wave, the slow wave, but this one kept growing and soon the walls were shaking. What we felt was so small in comparison. I can’t imagine being in something larger – how scary that would be. We are lucky and nothing here was damaged. I’m with you – I don’t know how the people of Japan and New Zealand are managing to rebuild – they have amazing spirits.
      Thank you. I’m back in work and trying to get out of here early. Hoping there’s no aftershock.

  3. No, Rachel, I didn’t feel it myself, but they evacuated a great many buildings in Boston because it was felt all the way up the coast from D. C. Jiminy Crickets, its a scary world out there. I honestly do not know how people live through the fear of what might happen, never mind living through the actual destruction and death. Be well, Rachel. Thinking of you, praying for everyone. xo

  4. Here in California, earthquake memories going back to childhood, I can imagine the fear and disbelief of one so strong over such a large and surprising area. Seeing the news footage, I just hope that all whom you care about are safe and that the jitters dissipate quickly. It is such unsettling business. xo

    • rachvb says:

      I grew up in California and the strange thing is I NEVER felt earthquakes until I moved to PA. We’ve had two in the past year or so. And I’m hearing there have been a few small ones in San Francisco area, but I’m not sure if that’s true (haven’t seen a story about it). The jitters have gone, thank you. And yes, everyone I care about it safe and well. xoxo

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