Downtown Missoula

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4 Responses to Downtown Missoula

  1. There’s something very intimate about these photographs, Rachel. Thank you for opening these spaces up to us. The paper umbrellas and neon clock are gorgeous! L, C x

  2. A clarity to the pictures, they feel familiar like towns we carry within us, though the paper umbrellas, which lept out at me, hint at a more exotic life behind the identifiable. From the photos, the streets feel so quiet…time of day or just an impression?

    • rachvb says:

      yes, quiet streets and sometimes loud streets. I took many of them on a Friday late afternoon (I think) and there weren’t many people out.
      I feel as if I carry this place within me. It has elements of very many different things to it. The hippies, the ranchers, the outdoorsmen, the students and then the mountains themselves and the rivers – I think the natural elements are what attracts all different kinds of people to this place. Really incredible when you think about it. All the people there know it and see it and love it.

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